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Amo WhatsApp

If you could share audio files through iphones whatsapp it would be five stars.


Individual Read Receipts

O have an idea that I think would be helpful, why dont you put individual read receipts like iMessage. Sometimes I want people to know I read them and others that I dont care too much, I think it would be a great update.


WhatsApp works perfectly. Free! clear, effective communication.




Mais certain beug


Super application !!! Je recommande fortement..!

Beatuful WhatsApp

Beatuful WhatsApp




i prefer whatsapp over the message and phone apps combined i just wish i couldelete those apps and just use whatsapp instead


Get emojis...iPhone emojis are boring af. They make chatting more enjoyable. To those that will criticize what I just said...idc

New version kicked me out

I am stuck in a loop since I have been forced out of the old version. The app will only let me "update" by taking me to the iTunes Store, and the iTunes Store will only let me open (and not update) the app. This is the worst experience I have ever had with whatsapp.

Its a good app


Great in Puerto Rico ??????????

Great in Puerto Rico ??????????

Thanks for still supporting ios 6 ??

First of all thank you for this wonderful and fast application that is free. I am still using my iPhone 4S with iOS 6 and thank you for still supporting the software and releasing updates for it. I hope you will not drop this software and if you do it let the app compatible for iOS 6 please because I hate updating software. Thanks a lot for the app and thanks for the classic look also in iOS 6???.

Muito bom!

Excelente aplicativo, muito versátil!!

Whats app

Every things good but the wall paper doesnt work


The quality is great ??


Great app for talking internationally. Its great but I think it should have some additional features to make it more interesting.

Great for work collaboratively

We use for working with our offshore team for quick group messaging.

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